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750 000 $

Mileage 38000 miles

The Mercury Hell's Chariot from the movie Grease is an iconic car that has captured the hearts of many movie fans. It was a 1949 Mercury Series 9CM that was heavily customized by famed hot rod builder Eddie Paul to create the menacing look of a hot rod. The car featured a chopped roofline, frenched headlights, and a flame-throwing exhaust, among other modifications.

The Mercury Hell's Chariot played a prominent role in the movie, as it was the vehicle of choice for the T-Birds, a group of greasers who ruled the school. The car was also used in the race scene, where Danny Zuko (played by John Travolta) faced off against his rival, Leo.

The Mercury Hell's Chariot has since become an iconic symbol of the movie Grease, and a favorite among car enthusiasts. Its distinctive look and unique features have inspired many to recreate their own version of the car. It's a true testament to the impact that the movie has had on popular culture, and its enduring legacy continues to captivate audiences to this day.


Back in the mid seventies Paramount Studios commissioned builder Eddie Paul to create all 42 cars for the movie. This particular automobile is the original ‘Hells Chariot’, the most prominent car used in the movie.

Dashboard signed by Olivia Newton-John as well as the producer of Grease Randall Kleiser.

Located in California. Viewing by appointment.

VIN : 9CM256273 

1950 Mercury grille,
255 cubic inch ‘Flathead’ motor, Chrome alternator,
Manual transmission
Front disc brakes,
Custom chrome side mirror, Custom black vinyl upholstery, Black carpets,
Custom black vinyl ‘boot’,
Rear fender skirts,
Flamed ‘Razor’ wheel centers, Painted steel wheels,
Firestone tires,
Scorpion gang stickers, Stock rear end,
Show quality black exterior paint with flames.